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No tips sorry. Looks yummy though!!!


Thanks all the same Lulu!


Maybe warm the plate so that it stays warm/hot...warm the plate by running it under hot water? dont know..but wanted to say, I read your blog everyday! We live in Okinawa and will be traveling to Tokyo in March; any must restarants?? tips?? advice?
We will be at the military hotel and going to the Junior Olympics for swimming.



I would imagine that if you kept the pasta hot enough then added the eggs after taking it off the fire, the eggs would cook just enough to still be runny, but the pasta would remain hot?


One of my favorites. I'm not sure how to make it hotter, but Giada DeLaurentiis (not sure of the spelling) on the FOOD NETWORK website just made this dish without cream and the ingredients were the same as yours. You might want to check out the website and check her out. Her show is "Everyday Italian" I believe.


Thanks Lori. Warming the plate is a good idea.
I can't really think of any specific restaurants, but a few Tokyo musts: an early morning visit to Tsukiji market followed by a sushi breakfast; joining the salarymen for an evening of beer and yakitori at the little bars under the train tracks near Yurakucho station; monjayaki in Tsukishima.

Thanks Carlyn. I'll check out the website. I really wish I could watch the Food Network though!
Collie, that's how I usually do it, and the eggs usually end up cooked. But then again I use my good pan, which retains a lot of heat- maybe that's got something to do with it?


Everyday Italian rocks. That's where I learned to make this recipie with cream; which I think you should try if your not a vegan


Well, I'm not crazy about cream sauces, and even if it's just a small amount I'd rather not use it unless it's really necessary for adding a touch of creaminess. And I think the eggs and cheese give carbonara plenty of creaminess.
But thanks for the tip!


Are the eggs really safer or is that just what everyone tells us? I only buy local eggs (Hamamatsu), so they definitely seem safer than the supermarket eggs back home, but I still don't really know. When I lived in Kagoshima everyone laughed at me when I didn't want to eat the chicken sashimi because of the Salmonella fear installed in me in the US. (plus the texture's really gross!)
Anyway, I'd love to hear about any sources you know of about Japanese chicken products. I always wonder about these things.


No cream! :D
The secret to have it hot and a texture of creamy eggs is to briefly sautée the spaghetti in the hot pan with pancetta and then transfer to a warm bowl and add eggs. Stir well spaghetti and you'll see eggs creamy but not cooked in a couple of mins. I think I'll make a youtube movie about :))

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